making waves in the telecom market



contributing to the Swiss market liberalization since 1998

Do you realize?


Calling to a mobile phone in North America, Australia or Japan


with Télésonique is less expensive than calling your


next door neighbor on her/his Swiss mobile!! (with you know whom).


 But do not worry,  you can also make calls to


all mobile networks in Switzerland for 50% of the rates of Swisscom®.

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Do you know?


The average customer has been calling with Télésonique for more than 10 years.


We even have customers who have been with us since we started 18 years ago.


Our satisfied customers are our best advertisers.


We simply love them!

18 Years of Sweet Success

Télésonique celebrates its 18th anniversary of going live

On August 24, 1998 Télésonique launched its fixed telephony service and connected its first customers.

During these years, our customers have benefited from the liberalization in our

industry: price reductions, innovative services and better attention to customer needs.

Thanks to our customers loyalty, our network and service offering have developed over the years.

We are delighted to continue serving you for years to come.

Your Télésonique Team


When you tell your friends & family about Télésonique,


 You Win  &  They Win !


For every one of your friends and family, that sign up with Télésonique, both of you will get one free month of calling. The offer is limited to 12 of your friends and family. 

So you can call up to one full year for free.

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Breaking News:


Free calls to Télésonique customers!


With immediate effect, you can call other Télésonique customers gratis.

Tell your Friends &  Family,

so that you can call each other GRATIS, up to 300 minutes each month.

Please inform us of your friends contact info, and we will send them a personalized subscription form,  and benefit from our win-win promotion. e-mail subscription forms to your friends…